Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Not Envious of Other People's Photographs, I'm Envious of Their Thinness

This assignment is rather impossible for me. I've never actually looked at another photographer'sphotograph and thought, I wish I had taken that. Never. Not ever. Aside from me generally not being envious of people on the regular, the reasoning behind this is that I know I could not take those pictures. I cannot take a photo taken by Mapplethorpe because I am not Mapplethorpe. I do not have his eye, his mind. If I were Mapplethorpe, Mapplethorpe would probably be known asthe most controversial arborphilliac in art history. I guess then, it's not that I don't wish I'd taken other people's photographs, it's that I do not think that's possible. That said, this assignment is going to be of photographs I have been inspired by.

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Dyeemah said...

Yeah, I feel the same way. I'm more inspired than envious of other peoples' photos.