Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Post: Blossfelt

Karl Blossfeldt: Maidenhair Fern and Laserwort

When I first saw Blossfelt's work I thought I had found my long lost soul mate of a past life. Who else sees the beauty in a fern like he does? Who else appreciates the line of the Laserwort, it's luminosity when magnified seems like some sort of heavenly burst, or fireworks. I do. Ansel Adams photographed big picture scenes of national parks and deserts. To me, that's not how nature is meant to be enjoyed. That's like someone buying cheap, light olive oil to keep their eggs from sticking to the pan when they were too lazy to venture to the dairy aisle for butter. Olive oil shouldn't be used with such a utilitarian purpose. It's not canola oil, it's got flavor, something you can't just see while looking at the bottle, you have to get up close, open the bottle, smell, and taste. Similarly, you can't just look at a forest from afar, you have to get up close, trace it with your fingers. Observe how it's different and unique from everything around it. Just like a person even.

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