Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Post:

(Counterclockwise from top left): Bill Brandt, Evening in Kenwood, 1931-5; Diane Arbus, Young Man and Girlfriend with Hotdogs in the Park, 1971; Robert Doisneau, Be-Bop en Cave 1951; Diane Arbus, Teenage Couple on Hudson Street, 1963; Robert Doisneau, Kiss by Hotel de Ville, 1950; Robert Doisneau, The Bunch of Daffodils;

Each one of these photographs tells a story, depending on the subject and even the photographer, you can tell a lot about the story behind the photograph. Diane Arbus photographed what she considered freaks, so what was off about the couples here? You know what she set out to do, you assume that she did it so you are compelled to look closely at the photograph, pay attention to the subject and try to put the story together.

I love the conformity of Evening in Kenwood. It's such a great representation of youth. Of humanity really. We all want to have sex, or at least get close to it while our clothes are still on in the park.

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